Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Way

Excitement @ TCA
The Triple Creek Academy Twins (TCA Twins) select baseball organization is taking a new approach to teams, practices and organization.

After kicking off their season with a uniform fitting and team meetings, the TCA Twins introduced shared practice times, an organizational culture and extra workouts. For over a month now - teams have adapted to working together to leverage practice facilities - even during rainy days - to ensure their players are getting 'deliberate workouts'. Not just 'reps', but deliberate reps that are focused to increase muscle memory and instill great fundamentals.

The 'extra work' program has been extremely well received with families and players taking full advantage. Extra work programs are 30-90 minute workouts focused on various aspects of the game: pitching, catching, middle infielders, outfielders, corner infielders, speed & agility, base running and much much more. This is a way the organization provides focused work on areas that is sometimes difficult to work into a 'team' practice. Sometimes the workouts occur before practices, sometimes on the weekend and sometimes in the evening during other team practices.

The TCA Twins organization is promoting a new culture for youth sports - encouraging their coaches, players and parents to 'ENJOY' the game being played. With experienced leadership from Ross Powell (ex-major league player) who knows what it takes to get to a high level of baseball, but more importantly the characteristics of what makes a successful person - Ross takes an approach to youth baseball that is unfortunately - way to uncommon. Coaches and players are encouraged to push the limits during practice and build solid fundamentals. Parents are requested to 'enjoy' - practices, workouts, scrimmages and games.

The 'TCA Twins Way' is not so much 'New' - but just uncommon amongst most youth sports organizations. Just like anything that is a bit new or different - it will take time, however we are very excited. The staff, coaches, families and players for this 2012 season are great and just the right folks to make this happend and be the beginning of something great!

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