Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up | March 2-4, 2012

TCA Field #1 Infield Turf Done
First Use - March 4, 2012
Eleven teams in tournaments, Field #1's Maiden Voyage and High School players workout.

Triple Creek Field Update
Over the last two weeks, there have been many improvements made to the Triple Creek Complex - walkways, bullpens and fields. One of the main projects that has been worked on over the last couple weeks is Field #1. Field #1 was completely skinned (all existing grass from the infield area removed), the infield edge that connects to the outfield was cut deeper into the outfield and then . . . new grass on the infield, pitchers mound and home plate cut perfectly and new grass down the lines. Sunday, March 4, 2012 was the maiden voyage for Field #1 and all teams that played - couldn't stop talking about how great the infield grass and dirt were to play on - the boys felt like professionals - Big League field for a big league feel.

Tournament Summary
The eleven (11) TCA Twins teams played in two tournaments this weekend - Triple Crown Sports North Texas Season Opener (#ntxseasonopener) and Triple Creek Academy Clover All Over (#cloverallover).

Triple Crown Sports North Texas Season Opener (#ntxseasonopener):

  • 9U Benhardt (#9UBenhardt)
  • 10U Varner (#10UVarner)
  • 10U Zarbaugh (#10UZarbaugh)
  • 11U DeButy (#11UDeButy)
  • 12U Findley (#12UFindley)
  • 12U Mitchell (#12UMitchell)
Triple Creek Academy Clover All Over (#cloverallover):

  • 8U Constantine (#8UConstantine)
  • 8U Springer (#8USpringer)
  • 11U Wiesner (#11UWiesner)
  • 13U Thielepape (#13UThielepape)
  • 14U Pierce (#14UPierce)
Across the two tournaments, TCA Twins had two (2) teams play for championships and four (4) teams play in semi-final games.
11U DeButy players
Sitting in the Semi-Finals

The following two teams played in the championship games, but came up short and finished second:

  • 10U Zarbaugh | North Texas Season Opener | 10U D1
  • 14U Pierce | Clover All Over | 14U AA Division
The following teams made it to the semi-finals, but got knocked out:
  • North Texas Season Opener
    • 10U Varner | 10U D2
    • 11U DeButy | 11U D1
    • 12U Mitchell | 12U D1
  • Clover All Over
    • 11U Wiesner | 11U AAA
It is still early in the season and all teams played well and represented TCA Twins with class and respect when winning and losing. Keep up all the hard work boys!

High School Workout
This past Sunday, some of the high school players got together for a light workout - some infield, outfield and situational hitting. We also had some of our 14U-Majors players join the group to get a little extra work in and provide some live pitching. As we progress through the spring and high school players are playing mostly league games, we look forward to seeing more players for light workouts and get closer to ensuring players are slotted for the right teams.

As usual, there was a lot of things going on this weekend and more coming this weekend.

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